Episode 20


Swe Decapolis is in the cypher for this 20th episode of The Podheads Web show! JB and company get the scoop on all things going on with Swe while featuring many of the songs from his upcoming mix tape "Hash Oil High Concentrate". CMoney digs into the Trump - Kathy Griffin beef and get's everyone's take on the controversial joke that cost her so much. Frank the Tank gets real about racism and the double standards that make race such a taboo subject in today's society. Is there such a thing as professionalism in sports any more, and how a hospital employee in New Mexico got 26 women pregnant around the same time, all on the latest smoke session with The Podheads. 

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Episode 19


Suni Talynt is in the building! The buds get down again for another edition of the Podheads Web show. Suni Talynt joins the cypher for a great interview and even blesses us with some fire! (#BARZ). JB talks about his experience as a new dad of a little baby girl. (Mary Jane) CMoney continues on his quest to find real love, Big Ace talks sex cyber space with an introduction to the VR Sex suit. The podheads talk GOATS as JB and Frank face off in a debate on Jeter vs. Brady, whose legacy is greater. All that and more, on the Podheads Web Show.

Music featured in this episode by Suni Talynt