Episode 26


Happy Thanksgiving from the Podheads. After a small layoff, The Budz are three once more for episode 26 of the Podheads Webshow. Frank, C Money and JB talk Thankskgiving and family; they hand out some Podhead advice on stress for the holidays. We ask our adult fans: do your parents know you are 420? You will be surprised with the results. We also discuss the claimed overdose on marijuana and the sexual assault Hollywood epidemic gripping the country! Ending with a quick Higher Learning session. All that and more on this episode of the podheads! Get in the cypher! 

Episode 25


At the quarter century mark of this trip, the podheads are back with another session. The buds discuss the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria. We get serious for a bit and tell what we know about the Las Vegas shooting. Smoking weed in public now legal in Nevada, Trump on the NFL, civil rights and much more on the latest edition of the Podheads Web Show. 

Episode 24


The buds are back for the 24th episode of The Podheads Web Show. Along with guests Cash, Caesar and Ray; Frank the Tank and company have another hilarious session in the cypher. CMoney talks TV, giving his opinions on The Defiant ones, This Is Us, and Frank gives us the inside scoop on upcoming latest installment in the Rocky Franchise. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being sued by Marijuana Supporters, and Cash has everything you need to know about a possible groundbreaking lawsuit in the fight for legalization. JB debates CTE with Big Ace and much more, only on The Podheads!

Episode 23


The Podheads are back in the cypher, this time with guests KellyBoy and Jaime Lynn. The calamity continues with another hilarious episode as the buds talk everything from classic cartoons, to OJ Simpson, and R. Kelly's sex cult. KellyBoy and the buds debate on ethics and the law regarding the teens that mocked and filmed a cocoa beach man drowning never calling for help. Great music from our guest, entertaining topics and more all on The Podheads Web Show.


Episode 22


The budz are back with the 22nd episode of The Podheads. Will + The Life is in the cypher once again bringing along his latest single Band$. The Commander in Cheef and the boys have a great interview with Will and talk all things hip hop and review Jay Z's latest album 4:44. CMoney gives his predictions on the so called mega fight May vs. Mac. Find out why the Migos are beefing with Delta Airlines. President Trump and the Paris climate agreement, and the conspiracy behind Chemotherapy all on our latest session of The Podheads Web show.

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Episode 21


And then there were three. JB, CMoney and Frank the Tank hold down the fort with the latest episode of the Podheads! The buds talk Bill Cosby and the legal double standards regular citizens face every day. JB is moving out of the country and wants everyone to know why. CMoney updates the buds on the latest in his search for true love. Is post-secondary education just a big scam perpetrated by the government? Colorado Lawmakers try to ban cell phones from minors, Florida gets hosed in the latest Medical Marijuana legislature, and a man bike across America for his daughter’s heart all on the latest session of The Podheads Web Show. 

Episode 20


Swe Decapolis is in the cypher for this 20th episode of The Podheads Web show! JB and company get the scoop on all things going on with Swe while featuring many of the songs from his upcoming mix tape "Hash Oil High Concentrate". CMoney digs into the Trump - Kathy Griffin beef and get's everyone's take on the controversial joke that cost her so much. Frank the Tank gets real about racism and the double standards that make race such a taboo subject in today's society. Is there such a thing as professionalism in sports any more, and how a hospital employee in New Mexico got 26 women pregnant around the same time, all on the latest smoke session with The Podheads. 

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Episode 19


Suni Talynt is in the building! The buds get down again for another edition of the Podheads Web show. Suni Talynt joins the cypher for a great interview and even blesses us with some fire! (#BARZ). JB talks about his experience as a new dad of a little baby girl. (Mary Jane) CMoney continues on his quest to find real love, Big Ace talks sex cyber space with an introduction to the VR Sex suit. The podheads talk GOATS as JB and Frank face off in a debate on Jeter vs. Brady, whose legacy is greater. All that and more, on the Podheads Web Show.

Music featured in this episode by Suni Talynt



Episode 18


Sneaka Freak is in the Cypher! JB is in the flesh, joining along with our special guest for another exciting edition of the Podheads! In this latest installment, the buds get an in depth view of the life and times of Sneaka Freak. A hilarious interview reveals her talents, opinions on today’s issues, and all things going on with the artist and her camp. JB schools everyone on Trump's new Health Care act and how it affects us all. Frank The Tank talks about disabled actors in Hollywood and how they feel about their jobs are being taken by "regular actors". The buds talk the N-word, Child like Sex Dolls (Yes, you read that right), and what Blows Big Ace's High in episode 18 of The Podheads Web Show.

Episode 17


SB The Anomaly is in the Cypher with the Podheads! The buds talk hip hop while featuring tracks from our guest's new EP, Good Vibes. CMoney warns us the end is near! Machine gun toting robots are ready for duty in Russia; are Terminators real? Find out what movie is ruining business for clowns these days. Also, could artificial wombs for animals be a precursor to the end of abortion? With another edition of Higher Learning, Frank the Tank educates us on US Presidents that make Donald Trump look like a saint. SB flexes his lyrical muscle taking over to end the show with a sick freestyle. You don't want to miss this one! Roll up, Get in the Cypher, it’s the Podheads Web show. 

Check out SB the Anomaly along with Predator Pr!me, The Eyeconics' new EP Good Vibes below. 


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