Episode 16


The Podheads are all about the big issues! Episode 16 finds the buds in heated debate over the minimum wage. Samu joins the buds to go head on with Big Ace on the controversial issue affecting our country. Frank the Tank gives us his theory on "what really happened" in Syria and CMoney talks about an 8th Grade slave auction. There's never a dull moment in the cypher on The Podheads Web show. 

Episode 15


The podheads are your pushers! Get your fix in the cypher and listen to our latest round of shenanigans. CMoney get's his Macgyver on schooling the buds on the crazy things he's smoked out of. The buds put one in the air for Ibn Miller, the Hero out of Atlantic City. Find out what game tokens Monopoly is swapping out and how the buds feel about the new pieces. Street fighting, CMoney's quarter life crisis and the last edition of CMUFs all on the Podheads Web Show!