Born in Brooklyn, NY; Frank grew up with a chip on his shoulder. At 17 the US Marines made a man out of him and today he hopes to use his worldliness and unique perspective to connect with fellow 420 friendly individuals. Always an advocate for fellow Veterans, Stoners, and Equal Rights everywhere, The Commander in CHEEF strives to keep his community woke on today's important issues. 

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 Conceived on the Island Paradise that is Puerto Rico and raised in the historic city of Springfield, MA, JB Perez is the loud, shameless, and best  dancing BUD of the PodHeads crew. Always an optimist, JB is a supporter of all things 420, in all its forms and uses; is first in line for all the craziest new science and  technology, including being the first to have sex with an alien; and believes in the equality of all human beings on this planet, regardless of the things that make us different.

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Born in West Palm, Florida, but raised on the not-so dangerous streets of Bergen County, New Jersey. Finding his calling has been a struggle, for C-money...until now. 
Being 420 friendly allowed him the opportunity to meet the PodHeads, one by one. 
From his sarcastic/dark humor, to his witty comebacks and sailor mouth. No one is safe in the Cypher from C-money's brutal honest truth.

You can catch him on twitter @makinCmoney


Big ACE is the elder statesman of the PodHeads. He grew up in The Bronx during the rise of Hip Hop which contributed to his love of The Culture. He's the most laid back of the  crew but he's also unapologetic in his ways and says what's on his mind. He's an advocate for the legalization of marijuana and all things 420 friendly. He also keeps his ear to  the streets and stays up to date with today's important issues and isn't afraid to share his opinion on them which always makes for some good listening. 

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Born in Rochester, NY, ElevatedJewel is a goofy, unconventional, & outspoken woman. Jewel is a lover of cannabis, anime, gaming, literature, exotic food and music of all sorts. 
Jewel is a little rough around the edges and loves hanging with the guys. In the cipher, she is the odd one who busts everyone chops. Outside of the cipher, she enjoys writing. 

Twitter: @ElevatedJewel
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