Episode 17


SB The Anomaly is in the Cypher with the Podheads! The buds talk hip hop while featuring tracks from our guest's new EP, Good Vibes. CMoney warns us the end is near! Machine gun toting robots are ready for duty in Russia; are Terminators real? Find out what movie is ruining business for clowns these days. Also, could artificial wombs for animals be a precursor to the end of abortion? With another edition of Higher Learning, Frank the Tank educates us on US Presidents that make Donald Trump look like a saint. SB flexes his lyrical muscle taking over to end the show with a sick freestyle. You don't want to miss this one! Roll up, Get in the Cypher, it’s the Podheads Web show. 

Check out SB the Anomaly along with Predator Pr!me, The Eyeconics' new EP Good Vibes below. 


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