Episode 23


The Podheads are back in the cypher, this time with guests KellyBoy and Jaime Lynn. The calamity continues with another hilarious episode as the buds talk everything from classic cartoons, to OJ Simpson, and R. Kelly's sex cult. KellyBoy and the buds debate on ethics and the law regarding the teens that mocked and filmed a cocoa beach man drowning never calling for help. Great music from our guest, entertaining topics and more all on The Podheads Web Show.


Episode 22


The budz are back with the 22nd episode of The Podheads. Will + The Life is in the cypher once again bringing along his latest single Band$. The Commander in Cheef and the boys have a great interview with Will and talk all things hip hop and review Jay Z's latest album 4:44. CMoney gives his predictions on the so called mega fight May vs. Mac. Find out why the Migos are beefing with Delta Airlines. President Trump and the Paris climate agreement, and the conspiracy behind Chemotherapy all on our latest session of The Podheads Web show.

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